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Real Bearded Santa
Concord and Kannapolis NC
Making your Santa expierence the best one ever!
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Santa Sam

          Several years a good friend and co-worker asked me to fill the Santa role for his church Christmas party.  He had the Santa costume, so I agreed.  He asked me to return the following year.  I was happy to return for a second year.  From this experience I found that I enjoyed the Santa role, and still fill the role for my friend’s church Christmas party every year.
          After I retired, another friend suggested that I would make a good mall Santa.  She took a picture and left it with mall management at a local mall.  A few weeks later a manager from a photography company called.  He asked me to interview for a position as a mall Santa.  He explained that all his Santa positions were filled, but he sometimes needed someone to fill in.   
          About a week before Christmas he called and asked me to fill in for the Santa at the mall in Myrtle Beach.  I accepted this offer.  During the week at Myrtle Beach I found that I enjoyed the Santa role enough to be willing to sit for Santa Pictures for long periods of time. 
          So I bought a Santa suit and business cards; thus beginning my career as a professional Santa.  Other professional Santas have been inspirational and encouraging.  The Santa School and the other seminars have been helpful in my development and growth as a professional Santa. 
          The experience as Santa has been rewarding and enjoyable. The contact with children of all ages is often inspirational.  I hope to continue to fill the Santa role for many years.

 Santa Sam